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Sugar and Spite Perfume Oils are presented in 10ml clear roller bottles with black caps.

They are 80+% fragrance concentration - vegan - cruelty free - alcohol free.

Your perfume oil will arrive safely and securely packaged, wrapped in pretty tissue paper and Sugar and Spite's signature packaging.

Ingredients: Proprietary fragrance blend, fractionated coconut oil

The Toxic Tart - pie crust, apple butter, nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin, and golden amber

Blood Apple - Rich, deep dragon's blood, red apple, and a pinch of incensy egyptian musk

Love Potion #13 - Fir needle, damp roots, teak, wormwood, and indonesian patchouli

Scornbread Sugared Donut - Buttery honeyed cornbread and spiced sugared donut

Bat Cookies - sugar cookies, incense and blood orange

Graveyard Galleta - Horseman meets The Nothing: pumpkin, leather, coconut shreds, deep sandalwood, rich vanilla, kettle corn and cardamom