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Fizzy Crush is essentially the remains of bombs that have suffered the wrath of the Oregon rainy season. Usually they had cracks or bumps, or other "unsightly" issues. Sometimes I just make it without it ever having been a bomb, because I'm a rebel like that.

Fizzy Crush works exactly like an intact bomb, but with the added benefit that you get to choose how much you want to use at one time.

Neat, huh?

You will receive one 8oz package of Fizzy Crush to do with as you please. May the force be with you.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cream of tartar, cornstarch, sodium laureth sulfate, coco betaine, colorant, mica, candy bits (maybe), obnoxious glitter, love, anger, frustration, then love again

Directions: Add as much magical Fizzy Crush as you'd like into your bath water. You may do this after you're in the tub, or before, in case you'd like to....ahem....snap a photo for Instagram and hashtag #sugarandspite. Just sayin.